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The LAKE ARBOR FOUNDATION, INC. (LAFI), which is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, owns the Lake Arbor Foundation Center. The Center consists of the Dean Room, the Herman L. Murrell Pavilion, newly renovated tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools and bathhouses, parking areas and parkland (collectively referred to as the Center). The LAFI Center facilities are governed by the following priority-use categories:

LAFI Sponsored Programs (Class A)

includes charitable, cultural, educational, and recreational sponsored programs. These programs have priority use of all owned facilities over Class B and C. A registration fee may be charged.

Community-Based Organizations (Class B)

including community non-profit organizations such as civic/homeowners associations or other community-based organizations, may request of the Dean Room and/or Herman L. Murrell Pavilion for pre-approved scheduled community meetings. These organizations have priority use of these facilities over Class C activities. A fee may be charged unless the organization currently supports LAFI financially.

Rentals (Class C)

The Dean Room and Herman L. Murrell Pavilion can be rented on a first- come, first-serve basis after Class A and B uses have been satisfied in accordance with the following policy and conditions:
Private events are defined as social and business events, such as reunions, receptions, weddings, birthday parties, meetings, seminars, and similar activities. These events must be pre-approved, are fee-based and time-limited. The occupancy capacity and noise-level restriction regulations established by Prince George’s County Government must be adhered to.

Repeat renters are eligible for a discount.

Nonprofit organizations that lease Monday through Thursday, 9:00am – 4:00pm may qualify for a discount. The nonprofit must show proof of nonprofit status (constitution or governing rules, registration or association with other regulatory bodies that require non-for-profit status or the particular community purpose for registration).
Facilities can be leased up to twelve (12) months in advance of the event. A security deposit, a nonrefundable processing fee and a signed Lease Agreement are required to confirm all reservations. To check availability for your desired date and time, and/or schedule a tour of the facilities:

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