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Partnering with residents,
nonprofits, and businesses.

The Lake Arbor Foundation is always interested in partnering with residents, nonprofits, and businesses. We encourage the use of partnerships in order to build community synergy. A partnership is beneficial because it allows different organizations to work together to achieve a common aim. The Lake Arbor Foundation is open to long term and short term partnerships. It is critical that all partnerships are created to bring broader attention and action to larger issues affecting people in our community. The Lake Arbor Foundation looks forward to working together to achieve a greater impact because the power of partnerships is real and can achieve deeper results by accessing more resources and bring different perspectives.
Share your thoughts on how you can partner with us to enhance our service to the community. We thought of a few for your consideration:

  • Utilize our public swimming pool if you live in an HOA or belong to a group that doesn’t have one.
  • Hold your business meetings or social activities in our facilities.
  • Partner with LAFI to start a Boys and Girls Club in our Center.
  • Share your expertise in health, fitness, education or other areas by sponsoring a seminars/workshop for the community in our Center.
  • Join us in establishing a Children’s Obesity Program in or for one of the local elementary schools if you are experienced in health and/or, wellness or are a nutritionist.
  • Offer your business services or expertise to the summer camp, e.g., financial literacy, Read Aloud or other life skill areas and at local events.
  • Save money on your electric and gas bills with Ambit Energy offered through LAFI.
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